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Fine Art - Antiques & Glass Export Packing


  • Custom foam lined, and cushioned picture frame cases made and export packed to order, with optional extras of shock and tilt indicators.
  • Fine art, paintings, sculptures, glassware and mirrors are all packed for export with specialist care to ensure safe arrival.
  • Highest quality foams and padding materials are used for shock absorption both inside and outside the package where necessary.


  • Chandeliers are packaged in frame-supported internal case structures for ease of handling.
  • Large- and small-scale art can be collected, export packed and couriered around the world.
  • Please see below for some examples of our recent export consignments.
Fine Art Export Packing

Fine Art Export Packing

  • These very valuable vases were collected, brought back to our warehouse, and securely export packed into a batten plywood case.
  • We designed an interior support frame to keep the vases in place, and used foam to eliminate abrasions at contact points.
Antique Export Packing

Antique Export Packing

  • For this consignment, a complex internal layering design allowed a fragile antique Colombian press to be safely packed for export.
  • It was packed to a batten plywood case, with interior battens and supports securing the pieces.
Rolls Royce Container Stow

Rolls Royce Container Stow

  • We can also act as a point for receipt and forwarding of goods.
  • In this case, a vintage Rolls Royce was received into our warehouse, securely kept there, and the safely stowed to a container for onward shipment.
5 Metre Mirror Export Packing

5 Metre Mirror Export Packing

  • This 5-metre-long mirror was safely packed for export inside one of our bespoke designed batten plywood cases.
  • The case was foam lined and stencilled with the appropriate markings.
  • The mirror arrived safely to its destination.
Glass Consignment Export Packing

Glass Consignment Export Packing

  • This high value shipment of glass to Brussels was received into our warehouse and export packed within one working day.
  • Pre-prepared softwood cases with custom grooves were manufactured, and our specialist team safely export packed the glass into designated wooden cases.
  • Fragile stencilling marks were applied to all cases, and shock warning indicators placed on every case.


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