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With complete control over our manufacturing and designs, we are able to supply purpose built packaging solutions in addition to the standard size bases and cases readily available. Ranging from tailor made cases for highly sensitive and fragile cargo providing a suspension pack inside and outside the case, to tough, robust, wooden and metal skids for heavy weight generator packages; our designers and planners will seek out every detail to totally retrofit your consignment.

Across all types of industry we can conform to any specification of pack, including MOD standard packing and designs, with constructions always maintained at BS1133:2011 as a minimum,  undertaken either at our clients premises with our mobile teams throughout UK and mainland Europe or at our warehouses in South East England or Rotterdam Port in the Netherlands.    From short service single journey cases to multiple use reusable exhibition cases, with export packing to cover long term storage packs with vacuum packing and moisture control, every client need can be built in to the design criteria.

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Tailor Made Case Designs to any specification

  • Any size, shape, weight or volume can be catered for, with cost effective recommendations.
  • Cushioned and shock resistant, partitioned, quick release, bolted, and no-nail styles are available.
  • Lightweight, robust, painted, tanalised, fitted with handles, hinges and locks are all possibilities.


Export Packing at Your Location throughout Europe

  • We will dispatch mobile packing units to pack at your premise if required.
  • Cases and packaging can be pre-fabricated and assembled on site.
  • Any standard of pack available, from crate packing to full moisture control.
  • UK and Europe mainland locations.


Specialist Packing for Export to Fit Your Consignment

  • Case designs will consolidate your consignment to optimum size to reduce freight costs.
  • Packing specification will reflect climate, mode of transport, length of storage to destination and will comply with handling criteria.


Global Shipments to Your Budget and Chosen Mode

  • Cargo doesn’t always need packaging.
  • Secure container stowing will often suffice.
  • Cost effective packaging for basic protection.
  • Worldwide shipping service by all modes.

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