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Export Packing to Wooden Skids


  • Bespoke designed close boarded wooden bases for heavyweight cargo.
  • Skeletal frames, two- and four-way entry, standard and non-standard pallet sizes are available.
  • Saddle and cradle manufacture for small and large vessels/tanks can be constructed unique to the vessel shape.


  • As necessary cargo can be covered, shrink wrapped and sealed to base for weather proofing.
  • Our custom export packing services are suitable for domestic and international shipment.
  • All packaging and designs can be applied to lightweight consignments too.
  • Please see below for some examples of our recent export packing consignments.
Close Boarded Wooden Skid

Close Boarded Wooden Skid

  • This close-boarded wooden skid is made-to-measure, and is one of our simpler designs.
  • Forklift runners allow lifting from all sides.
  • Cargo is secured onto the wooden skid, and in this case, stowed to a shipping container.
Wooden Skid with Bespoke Support

Wooden Skid with Bespoke Support

  • This consignment features a wooden skid base with a bespoke support structure.
  • The shafts were secured to the skid base, which was stencilled with identifying marks.
Wooden Skid with Custom Wooden Saddle

Wooden Skid with Custom Wooden Saddle

  • In a similar fashion, this custom design includes the standard close-boarded wooden skid base, with bespoke softwood saddles designed to support cylindrical cargo.
  • Again, the cargo is secured to the skid for onward transport.
Complex Wooden Skid Design

Complex Wooden Skid Design

  • This example is a more complex design.
  • Still based around the wooden skid, a complex softwood framework was manufactured around the sensitive cargo to secure it in transit.
  • Forklift runners were included to allow safe movement around the site.
Wooden Skid with Case Skirt

Wooden Skid with Case Skirt

  • This marine equipment was export packed to our made-to-measure wooden skid base, and then a small skirt was added for increased protection in transit.
  • Stencilling and forklift runners were included.


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