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Export Packing Cases and Crates


  • Full case bespoke export pack or open crate style available.
  • Packing cases lined with kraft paper and shower-proof membranes.
  • Cargo is blocked, chocked and internally secured for safe transit.


  • Material preservation in pre-packing process is available if required.
  • We offer the options of screwed or nailed assembly.
  • Please see below for some examples of our recent export packing consignments.
Export Packing to Small Batten Plywood Case

Export Packing to Small Batten Plywood Case

  • This example represents some of the basic export packing consignments we do.
  • These drilling heads were packed in a batten plywood case and secured with wooden supports.
  • The case features a screw lid, forklift runners, and has been stencilled in accordance with the client’s requests.
Large Scale Angle Design

Large Scale Angle Design

  • This large-scale batten plywood case has been designed to transport the cargo in the safest and most efficient way.
  • The softwood base and internal support system secure the cargo in place.
Large Consignment for Export Packing

Large Consignment for Export Packing

  • Here is an example of an export packing consignment including several different pieces.
  • Each case is bespoke designed specifically for each piece of cargo. Cargo is secured by wooden blocks and supports.
  • Batten plywood sides and lids provide the most lightweight solution, while the softwood bases provide the necessary support.
Cost Efective Export Packaging

Cost Effective Export Packaging

  • We will always make our export packing solutions as cost-effective for the client as possible.
  • Here, we designed the batten OSB cases to fit precisely into a shipping container, meaning you do not pay to ‘ship air’.
Cable Drums for Export

Cable Drums for Export

  • We also manufacture alternative export packing solutions. These cable drums safely transported 45 tonnes of cable to the South Pole base of the British Antarctic Survey.
  • For this consignment, the power cables were clad, sealed and coopered within 7 days of receipt.


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