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Exhibition Cases


  • Pennex is pioneering a unique style of packing crate: the exhibition case.
  • Our custom made, exhibition, ‘nail-free’ wooden crates and cases are constructed primarily for continued reuse.
  • Often used for exhibition display items that require protective packaging during periods of non-use.
  • Available in a number of styles in plywood, softwood, and screwed or bolted crates for ease of assembly.


  • Can be stored flat packed.
  • Their unique and innovative construction allows easy access from any side.
  • Optional extras include: wheels and fire retardancy.
  • Please see below for some examples of exhibition cases we have previously manufactured.
Layered and Partitioned Exhibition Case

Layered and Partitioned Exhibition Case

  • This re-usable exhibition case is made in a batten plywood style.
  • With fully bespoke interior compartments which were all labelled, foam-lined and secure, our client had an easy solution to their complicated export needs.
  • The robust bolted case with clipped lids allows for continued reuse.
Flat Pack Exhibition Case

Flat Pack Exhibition Case

  • Our exhibition cases are also available in flat-pack form. We manufacture the case, and then deliver to your premises in flat-pack form. You can then assemble the case and pack your goods.
  • This example comes with a hinge lid, wheels and custom stencilling (which provides guidance on assembly).
Hood Top Exhibition Case

Hood Top Exhibition Case

  • This flat-pack exhibition case incorporates a hood top design. This allows compartmentalisation of equipment within the same case.
  • The batten plywood design ensures a strong yet lightweight case and again, stencilling is completed according to requirements.
Foam Lined Exhibition Case

Foam Lined Exhibition Case

  • This exhibition case has custom-built internal compartments to store valuable jewellery.
  • The compartments are foam-lined to prevent damage to the goods.
  • Strong softwood battens provide support.
  • The case is fitted with hinges, clips and wheels.
Ramped Exhibition Case

Ramped Exhibition Case

  • This case features four distinct compartments, opening doors, and a ramp for access.
  • Made from lightweight plywood, and sturdy softwood battens, this case provides protection and security for goods.
  • The bolted design allows for re-use, and the case is complete with stencilling.


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