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Partitioned Cases


  • Another market-leading design created by Pennex is the partitioned packing case.
  • These cases are perfect for shipping consignments with several components in one packing crate.
  • The predominant case design is batten plywood, but other heavier duty softwood styles can be supplied as appropriate too.
  • The internal partitions will be designed exactly to your needs, with any option possible.


  • Our designers will work with you to determine the safest and most efficient way to pack your shipment.
  • Compartments can be foam-lined for shipment of fragile and delicate goods.
  • Comprehensive external and internal stencilling is offered to indicate the contents of the case.
  • Please see below for some examples of partitioned cases we have previously manufactured.
Three Layer Partitioned Case

Three Layer Partitioned Case

  • This is an example of a very complex, fully bespoke partitioned case. Three layers, securely clipped together to form one case, contained many individual, foam-lined compartments.
  • The batten plywood case was fitted with handles, and fully stencilled.
Intricate Partitions

Intricate Partitions

  • These batten plywood cases were carefully manufactured to a high specification.
  • Internal partitions were placed inside the case, and foam-lining protected the cargo in transit.
  • Forklift truck runners allow easy lifting, and international shipping marks are stencilled on.
Bespoke Internal Woode Supports

Bespoke Internal Wooden Supports

  • This is another example of a batten plywood partitioned case. The complex internal structure is designed to support the specific cargo transported in each case.
  • Bespoke wooden inserts are manufactured at our headquarters, and if our client needs to pack their goods themselves, instructions are provided.

Softwood Partitioned Case

Softwood Partitioned Case

  • This is an example of a softwood partitioned case. Internal partitions provided individual compartments for lighting equipment.
  • The clipped sides and lid allow easy packing on site.
  • These softwood cases are generally able to bear more weight than the plywood equivalents.
Railed Partitioned case

Railed Partitioned Case

  • Two batten plywood cases with dedicated compartments for specific pieces of equipment.
  • The compartments are foam-lined where necessary, and the case is designed to distribute weight efficiently and safely throughout the footprint.
  • The clipped construction allows easy assembly, while the softwood base and battens increase the case’s robustness.


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