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Batten Plywood Cases


  • These bespoke crates are ideal for domestic and international road and air freight.
  • More suited to lightweight cargo.
  • Can accommodate large volumetric sizes.
  • Available in 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm and 25mm plywood thicknesses.


  • Close softwood boarded base with forklift runners.
  • Available flat packed or pre-assembled.
  • Please see below for some examples of batten plywood cases we have manufactured in the past.
Heavy Duty Batten Plywood Case

Heavy Duty Batten Plywood Case

  • This heavy-duty batten plywood case was designed with a complex internal structure to support a large weight.
  • Triangular cross bracings were used to reinforce the case, enabling it to bear the cargo.
  • The case was painted in accordance with our client’s requirements.
All Weather Case

All Weather Case

  • A small-scale plywood case with foam-lining to protect goods in transit.
  • This case has a hinged, clipped lid and handles for ease of transportation.
  • It is also complete with custom stencilling.
Large and Small Plywood Cases

Large and Small Plywood Cases

  • This huge plywood case (and its smaller version) demonstrate the size to which we can manufacture batten plywood cases.
Compact and Durable Batten Plywood Case

Compact and Durable Batten Plywood Case

  • This case was designed to transport a nuclear flask lid. The internal foam-lined footprint provided protection, while the softwood surrounds gave extra stability.
  • It was finished with batten plywood sides and lid, and stencilled to exacting requirements.
Bolted Batten Plywood Case

Bolted Batten Plywood Case

  • This bespoke batten plywood case was finished to a high specification. The case is secured with bolts, to enable disassembly and reassembly by the client.
  • Extensive stencilling includes guidance on assembly, destinations, part numbers, and company logos.
  • The softwood battens and plywood structure allow the case to bear a significant weight, while itself remaining lightweight.


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