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ISPM 15 Wooden Skids


  • Made to order in bespoke sizes.
  • Wooden base support frames and cradles available.
  • Close boarded or skeletal skid base designs.
  • Two- way or four-way entry available.


  • Standard pallet sizes available.
  • Perfect for heavy duty consignments, there is no limit on size or weight.
  • Please see below for some examples of ISPM 15 wooden skids we have previously manufactured.
Bespoke Skid Bases

Bespoke Skid Bases

  • These custom-made skid bases were manufactured for the aerospace industry.
  • The heavy-duty construction allows for large amounts of weight to be borne by the skids.
  • Stencilling indicates the equipment destined for the skids.
Very Large Wooden Skid

Very Large Wooden Skid

  • This huge wooden skid is designed to take an enormous weight.
  • A skeletal design using softwood boards provides stable support for the cargo.
Close Boarded Wooden Skid

Close Boarded Wooden Skid

  • This is an example of a close-boarded wooden skid. No gaps in the skid ensure the cargo sits securely.
  • All cargo, if packed at our facility, will be securely fastened to the skid for safe transit.
  • The skid has been designed with forklift entry points for lifting.
Wooden Skid Saddle

Wooden Skid Saddle

  • This close boarded ISMP-15 skid has been manufactured with a softwood saddle. This is to secure cylindrical cargo in transit.
  • The heavy-duty wooden skid can bear large amounts of weight, while steadying potentially unstable cargo.
Skeletal Wooden Skid Design

Skeletal Wooden Skid Design

  • Here is another example of a skeletal design.
  • The long wooden skid can transport several types of cargo, seen here.
  • All cargo is secured to the skid for safe transit. Forklift lifting points allow for ease of movement around the site.


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